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Posts Tagged ‘ Love ’

Work or love?

In this world, it is very important to earn money so that we can sustain ourselves and get all our needs and desires. It is also equally important to be with a person who makes us happy, and spend time with them. The ultimate aim of life is to be happy, and both money...
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What to do when the person you like is involved with someone else

Being in a relationship is a very wonderful and exciting feeling, and we’ve fallen for a person on first sight a number of times in our lives. Watching that person makes us desire to be close to that person, to have them in our lives. The day when we have them would give us...
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Resolving Trust Issues

We all like to be in a relationship only as long as it’s pleasant, as long as it’s making us happy. No matter what we say, we enter into a relationship and stay in one only and only for us. We enter into a relationship because we want to feel loved, to feel wanted,...
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Resolving Money Issues

When a relationship begins, one might be very casual and free about money. In the initial phases, both partners are extremely understanding and generous in money matters. The excitement of the new relationship makes one forget everything, and people divert money earmarked for other things in order to spend it on their partner. Expensive...
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