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Ways to get your boyfriend to read

Bibliophiles will definitely understand how frustrating it feels when you want that special person in your life to read your favorite book, but they just can’t do it. It’s one of the cherished desires of a girl to read her favorite book being cuddled in her boyfriend’s arms. If you think that your boyfriend...
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Steps to Lead a Happy Life without Romantic Relationships

Being in a relationship is said to be one of the happiest feelings in the whole world. Being in a relationship not only highlights your importance and values in the other’s life but also teaches you life’s lessons and how to handle responsibilities and be mature enough to understand relationships. Some get in a...
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Ways to Overcome Fear of Marriage

Gamophobia, the fear of marriage, was an obsolete word some 30 years back. In the present scenario, when the young couples have become a habitué of divorce, the fear of marriage has become quite evident. Of course love is still there, so what exactly happens that people are afraid of getting married. Marriage is...
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5 Don’ts for Guys While On a Date

Dating is very necessary when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Dating and relationship go hand in hand. As giving each other ample time is very necessary in a relationship, dating ensures a good way of spending time with each other. When a guy takes out a girl for a date, there are many...
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