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There are literally THOUSANDS of ebooks on all types of subjects – personal development, dating, relationships, marriage, and more. Ebooks have a lot of perks over regular books: they can be instantly downloaded, can be read discreetly from the privacy of a computer, and most of them even offer a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you think they’re not helpful. While you can get a lot of information you need online or even in a “real” book you can feel and touch – getting everything in one comprehensive place can be a challenge, not to mention with real books you’ll have the stares of the person behind the counter at the bookstore or the library. And if they don’t work or you don’t like them – you can get your money back. Try returning a book to a bookstore, they give you really dirty looks then!

I’ve taken some time to review the different ebooks out there about relationships that I think could help out a lot of my readers – they go beyond the scope of the regular articles we feature here and show you new things to help your relationship get where it belongs.

Even if you don’t buy the ebooks and programs listed here, they’re still worth checking out – many offer free reports that have plenty of valuable information to help you get started.

The Magic of Making Up: Each day thousands of people come to because their heart has been broken by an ex. While not all relationships should be reclaimed – most of them that are healthy do not have to end, you just need to learn the tools in making things work again and find your second chance. You can Read My Full Review Here or go straight to their website and order it here.

300 Date Ideas: Let’s face it: dinner and a movie get old after awhile. True, I feature many date ideas online here for free – but thinking of 300 of them is even a challenge for me! Whether you’re married and looking for something to spice things up, or newly dating someone, this ebook is a must – and its affordable with some nice bonuses. Not to mention again – if you hate it and don’t get even one good idea, you can get your money back.

Michael Webb’s Relationship Collection: Michael Webb is a best selling ebook author with countless books on marriage, dating, and relationships. This collection bundles many of his ebooks together for one reasonable price. He’s the author of the above 300 Date Ideas book and many more, which you can read all of them for just one low price.

Meet & Keep the Right Man: The ebook teaches you ways to change your behavior patterns and thinking to help you finally meet the right kind of person for a healthy relationship. If you are constantly dating the wrong kind of guy, this ebook will help you stop kissing all those frogs and find a prince.

1000 Questions for Couples: How well do you and your partner really know each other? Whether you’re thinking about getting married or are looking to reconnect with one another, this is an interesting and intimate book guaranteed to help bring you closer to each other and explore your relationship.

Fix a Sexless Marriage: 1 out of 5 marriages are estimated to be sexless. You shouldn’t be ashamed of this – but if it’s stressing your relationship, then there is hope. This isn’t a book about silly seduction techniques – but instead one that can help you find the real root of your problem and rediscover the intimacy between you and your partner.

Communication Magic: You know how it is – you say one thing, your partner hears another. So many couples focus on communication, communication…and yet so few of us really know what it is and how to do it. While different communication strategies work for different people, this ebook may be helpful in understanding how to communicate better with your partner.

The Ultimate Relationship Solution: This ebook is designed to help you have better relationships with everyone and anyone, especially your partner.

Save My Marriage Today: This is the bestselling ebook for marriages headed towards divorce. Jam packed with ideas and strategies, it may be an option if relationship counseling hasn’t worked.

Have you read any great ebooks you highly recommend? Let me know and I will add them to this ever growing list.

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