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The first conversations:

Whether it is the first date or any other making good conversation always makes sense to keep the relationship going. There are people who are related to your profession and you know what to talk to them, there are friends who share the same sport liking and you know what to discuss…what about your...
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Relationships through social media, online relationships

The social media is all around us and we are all connected. The initial tweets and facebook chats lead to phone calls and video chats and intense relationships happen. At times with a happy ending, but other times with a horror ending. The social media is great as it connects people from other countries...
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Relationship truths

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to a relationship whether offline or online. There is always a moment when you are carried away by emotions surrounding you…and there is a moment of truth. There are some who are having fun online not only with you but multiple others. Each one of you...
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What can make the long term relationship going?

There are certain important factors for every stage of relationship. Identifying and respecting them is all about the process for success. Firstly a strong and powerful body when talking about the man is required. Having muscle strength can do wonders to your reproductive organs. Sex being an important aspect of the long term relationship...
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