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10 facts about true love

In order to experience true love, you will need to find the right person, but also you will have to be the right person. Before considering a new relationship you will need to build or place in order your own life. Make sure you closed any door related to the past and try to...
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Abuse in Relationships

Abuse in Relationships Let me start by saying that this is not at all acceptable, no matter the situation. Abuse is abuse, whether it is a hard slap on the face or strangling someone to the point of almost killing them. Whatever it is, if it is happening to you or it has only...
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Friends before Dating?

Friends before Dating? Most of the time your best friend will become your relationship partner, if they are a member of the opposite sex. In some instances, this makes for an ideal relationship because you two get along great, you’re very close to one another and you feel like you can tell each other...
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Settling Down or Just Settling?

Settling Down or Just Settling? My friend is getting married this month, she is a June bride; very traditional… which is unlike her. We recently talked about it and I told her that I never pictured her as wanting to get married. Throughout our childhoods, she was a tomboy and she also had to...
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