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10 facts about true love

June 17, 2015

In order to experience true love, you will need to find the right person, but also you will have to be the right person.

Before considering a new relationship you will need to build or place in order your own life. Make sure you closed any door related to the past and try to be as objective as you can when analyzing what exactly went wrong in your previous relationships. Before any new relationship you should do an inventory of your own life and discover those patterns that have broken previous relationships.

To become the right person for a genuine love story you will have to identify your limits.

First of all you will have to know what your principles are. What are those particular things you know for sure you can`t tolerate? Infidelity? Financial instability? Lack of sincerity? Lack of attention? Once you are aware of these things you will have to learn how to sustain your own expectations and desires.

True love means healthy communication.

Blaming is always useless. And so are the insults. Learn to communicate by saying “I believe”, “I feel”, “my opinion is”. Choose to be near someone who act in the same manner as you. Do not allow anyone to establish these kind of things for you and do not explain or defend yourself for your decisions. A healthy relationship means honest and direct communication.

True love means purposes and couple`s aspirations.

As a couple, you will have to make plans and to follow dreams together. You will have to agree on your future.

True love means individual goals and aspirations.

As a couple you must help each other in achieving individual goals as well.

Make your own choices.

Don`t let your relationships just happen. Don`t spend time with your family members just because they are part of the family. Choose to spend your time only with those who are sincere, affectionate and respectful and who really care about you.

Stop being a victim.

Stop thinking you have no control over the things that happens to you. Sadly, most people are stuck in unhealthy patters, like denial, justification and rationalization. Break up the chain, as these things are blocking you in the victim position.

Live with a purpose.

Find some time every day to think about your life and the way it is structured. Learn to meditate. Give yourself time to relax, to calm down, to isolate yourself from the outside world and look within your soul.

True love doesn`t mean suffering.

Of course, in any relationship there are disagreements, anger or disappointment. But not in a constant manner. Relationships based on love are consistent. In these relationships partners easily exceed difficult situations without hurting each other.

True love doesn`t ask you to sacrifice the things you love.      

When you are in a love based relationship, you don`t have to give up on your hobbies, your interests, your friends or your family. If you are asked this by your partner it is neither healthy nor good for you.

True love is all about action.

True love is all about action, not words. True love is a mutual exchange of love, understanding and real support.

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