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The first conversations:

December 13, 2012

Whether it is the first date or any other making good conversation always makes sense to keep the relationship going. There are people who are related to your profession and you know what to talk to them, there are friends who share the same sport liking and you know what to discuss…what about your date? How do you start and go all about it? Let’s peek into some of the popular topics discussed….

‘Let me know more about it…well if you have surpassed the first few dates and looking forward to more, then it also means that you have climbed the first stair. And now can be discussing about problems at work, or otherwise. These topics may be a little personal and can be discussed with close friends…a little advice but not trying to be the all knowing savior.

Debating and arguing on topics is also a way to extend a conversation. There is a very thin line between a heated discussion and a fight…which has to be maintained at any cost. You do not know each other that much as to get down to a brawl and again come up to a friendly level perhaps.

Admiring the other person’s opinions. As if you had never thought about it. Respecting the other perspective is a very good quality and you can always start doing that to hear out and learn about a different side of views altogether. This also helps the ego remain within the relationship and the personality becoming larger than that.

If you knew about certain happenings in other person’s life like an interview, wedding in the house etc you must ask how it went and what experience was gathered from the same. If you had heard about a death in the family, that should be the first thing to enquire about. Remember you earn goodie points when you remember about such personal details which not many would know about and you had the privilege.

Compliments especially for women make a huge difference to their existence. They feel appreciated when they are noticed and complimented. And when you don’t them obviously feel something is going wrong. That you maybe overlooking her from the scene. So take some time out to notice what she is wearing and well she is coordinated and compliment on that.

Such compliments and caring remarks make a huge difference, when you notice and also talk about it you make someone feel special. After all a relationship is all about a special feeling…and nurturing and living with it. There are these small little windows which should be open for the cool breeze to be felt.

Respecting and admiring your partners ways is a great advantage. Being fake about it will not help. If truly you admire something he has done then do not shy way or hesitate to mention it. It works with men to know that they could do it and prove them to be brave and courageous. Works either ways actually…woman have also become daring and live the thrill.

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