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Proposing on a first date:

December 13, 2012

Making a proposal to someone you love is an important thing and you have to do it the right way. Learn how to propose in your first date and also try to get an answer in the affirmative…

This is more for people who fall in love at the first sight. When you are very sure about it from the very start it makes sense to propose right away. The build up to the moment of confession is a very crucial one.

Find out more about your partner. Unless you know her likes and dislikes you can design an evening to her liking…so do some hard work and find out from mutual friends. Be less emphatic and dramatic. Make it casual yet special for her.

This moment is one of romance and you have to make it special. Work and speed of life has made us machines but emoting the right way in right situations is very important also. Step out of yourself and be a romantic partner for some times…girls love it that way.

Keep it half planned…as to the venue and arrangements. Also what you exactly wish to say should be a rough sketch in your mind. But let there be spontaneity to make the evening real. Let there be a space where you can be spontaneously you.

Follow your heart. You have to know how and what you want to do with your life and special moments. The expression should not be followed from a manual…it has to have your personal touch. If you like to say it with a rose do that…you may want to do that with a diamond ring or a bar of chocolate too. Never mind what is done … listen to the call of your heart.

You have to make it a quiet affair so that there is space for the two of you to interact and know each other. To wrap this moment in a special cover and treasure it for life. Usually you can book a candle light dinner table, or the quite pool side may help you create the romantic moment.

Colors and fragrances can help create ambience. You must find out which are her favorite colors and smells and incorporate them…also keeping in mind your taste and style. Basically it is an invitation to ask her to step into to your life…so your personal liking has to also be appreciated by her.

Although it is a matter of the heart and in this hunky dory stage very few get to listen to the head. Yet it is important to register her reactions of the day. These are the first signs that let you know whether at all there is compatibility between the two of you. Watch her reactions and her perceptions of your care and concern. The expressions are also important. It is essential that you want the relationship started…but only to last it for a life time. To make sure of that communicate your ardent feelings without any expectation.

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