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Relationships through social media, online relationships

December 11, 2012

The social media is all around us and we are all connected. The initial tweets and facebook chats lead to phone calls and video chats and intense relationships happen. At times with a happy ending, but other times with a horror ending. The social media is great as it connects people from other countries and far and wide. There is no way you can cross check with circle of friends to know about that buddy. What are the things you must keep in mind to make sure that you don’t land up with heart and headaches? Here are some to discuss with…

Social media sites are not dating sites. Have this clear notion in your mind. Sometimes wrong conceptions can land you in a messy end. If not anything you may just be disappointed. If you are looking for partners where people have come to look for friends then it is a problem situation. There are other dating sites which are tailor made with this need. These dating websites are aided to help you find your date which may well turn into meaningful relationships.

Do not take the social media to be the Bible, do not trust and start relying upon what people say in the social media. It is a fun place and you have to take everything with a pinch of salt. Even the profile picture that you see may not be the real one. So before falling in love with the picture and the posted updates try to find out more about the real person. This reality check can happen via video chats or even chats and phone calls. For serious relationships it is necessary to get to know the truth.

The same also applied to the offline relationships as well. The social media is a great tool of interaction; do not expect anything more than that from these. You cannot judge a relationship online because basically it is a confrontation of two personalities. And in the social media you cannot judge that.

Always involve your brain and find a logical answer to the situation. Usually the heart speaks so loudly that you cannot hear your head talk. There are simple things which can make you start thinking…

  • They should be ready to talk over the phone and meet you in public.
  • Not just private messages they should be ready to go public with the decision of meeting and dating you.
  • They should not ask for money in return for meeting you. This is a bad indication and should ring the bells immediately.
  • Once public comments made they should stand by it and not deny them. Basically there are many who have fake profiles for flirting and having fun…to identify them out is the task.

Everyone has instincts which speak to them. That is a different question whether we decide to listen to them or not. It is always advisable to be able to listen to your instincts…mostly they are always right. And if you will you are doing a crime suspecting him then think of what loss you will be in if the relationship breaks and ends…so better be careful to safeguard your emotions.

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