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Relationship truths

December 11, 2012

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to a relationship whether offline or online. There is always a moment when you are carried away by emotions surrounding you…and there is a moment of truth. There are some who are having fun online not only with you but multiple others. Each one of you is made to feel exclusive…of course since everything happens online it is hard for you to assess the problem.

But trust and faith is very important in the relationship. There is none who can be happy in a relation of falsehood. So search for those authentic relationships. There is nothing wrong in falling in love online…it is a change in the social structure and is very much accepted these days. But there are precautionary measures which have to be taken for the end to be happy. Safeguarding yourself and moving step by step may help in this process. When you decide to bring the online friend alive and in front of you…

  • Do not agree to meet in private place for the first date/meeting. If you are still a little uncomfortable then bring along a mutual friend who can make the meeting enjoyable too.
  •  A relationship always progresses gradually. Take time to go from one step to another. There is no point in becoming very serious right at the outset….take it one day at a time.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions which are bothering you. You male friend may be having 200 girls in their list…you can always ask why.

The question obviously arises whether you want to take the relationship ahead or just have fun. Having fun may sometimes be dangerous. The mental involvement may cause hurt and also sometimes bitterness. We often tend to take such matters very lightly when young, but with age do we understand that emotions are more important than other things.

In these days of extensive long hours it is getting harder for partners to find time for each other. Sometimes even their work hours are different and for the benefit of babysitting their children some are working at opposite timings. Thankfully the latest technology and social Medias have helped so much so that they can be in touch however. Some couples even log onto their chat boxes to say Hi! and Good morning! to their partners and discuss home issues.

They can be also effectively used for friends to know that the relationship is rolling. They also help discuss a sensitive topic which otherwise may end up in a beastly fight. That you have to type and silently exchange thoughts is a great advantage. Or maybe you want to say sorry and cannot directly…use these social medias to hint about the topic and the fight may be resolved. But whatever you do remember it is the social media and it is going public…there are many along with your partner who are watching and following your post. Never bring embarrassment and private home issues to public.

Over all the social medias have definitely changed the way we look at life and relationships. And we live with the changed times using them to our advantage.

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