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What can make the long term relationship going?

December 9, 2012

There are certain important factors for every stage of relationship. Identifying and respecting them is all about the process for success.

  • Firstly a strong and powerful body when talking about the man is required. Having muscle strength can do wonders to your reproductive organs. Sex being an important aspect of the long term relationship it is essential that you are fit physically.
  • Be creative about the relationship and also sex. With very heavy volt jobs you both are so occupied outside and with technology at home the personal moments may be lost. Build on them consciously.
  • Partial surrender can help things work sometimes. Both the man and the woman must get chances to go through this. To please and abide by the others rule, keeping individual egos aside.
  • Make it passionate by incorporating regular sex into the times. Once or twice in a week is good enough to keep it going. The long term relationships absolutely need this one. This is about opening to your partner completely. A time of mutual surrender.
  • You have to speak the language of love your partner understands. When your heart is full of that love and you can convey it will it bring joy to you.
  • You have to understand and value the love you have like a treasure and then it will bring a whole new meaning for you.


Don’t be always at a speed of life which keeps you away from understanding the meaning and reason of life. You need clarity to bond from the very outset. To understand and react to that personality. Also silently observe your partner. Sometimes words are misleading…the body language and his reactions will help you understand the situation. For example this man may want to continue the relation but when you are looking to be a mother there may be resistance. He may also not be in a position to understand the matter well…help him out and seek clarity.

When there are times of awkward sex which happens with every couple…it does not work out too perfectly all the time bear with it. But if that becomes the way of life think where things are not ok. Sex and passion are two very important keys of a long term relationship. There can be no compromise here.

Accepting mistakes can help a lot. If you shove the blame onto him all the time it may be disgusting. Be rational…be human.

As there is more aids for you these days like such ideas and suggestions which can help you mend some loopholes. There is a time when things can be fixed…but if is too late then all may be lost. So do not feel shy or let your ego come in your way. If you think working hard on the relationship is worth every moment go for it. It is the lack of time and commitment that most bonds are falling apart. So make some schedules for being together every day. Even if you have a job of travelling take breaks to catch up with your partner.

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