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December 8, 2012

There is a need for every human to connect with another soul…to find the happiness they have inside. It is a natural psychology to bond and it starts from the year one when you bond with parents. It is also a very phase as many ideas and abilities of relationship building and developed at this age.

For building successful relationships, some important pointers here…

  • It is not necessary to try to make your partner understand too much on your love. She has to be responsive and the realization must come to her naturally. Be self confident of your love and trust and the stress free demeanor will come across as a good personality.
  • Nor should you want a proof of your partners love and support. Know that everyone’s communication systems are different and it is your responsibility to find it. The ways may always not be similar…accept as it comes.
  • Let the ego stay away; enjoy the world like one other. Then you will be able to keep her as a first priority and many issues will even out simply because of this.
  • She is not here for ‘you’ to show off in front of the society or your home or any other reason. Build the relationship for just the cause of bonding with her. No third pressure is necessary for either you or she. This usually happens in a second time relationship building where the necessity of proving is very high.
  • You must know what your personality is to judge what is going to be compatible to you. Sometimes relationships made at a very tender age are no more appealing and suitable at a later age because probably at the moment of choosing you were unaware of yourself.
  •  Accept the other person just as she is. Giving suggestions you feel would be liked by you. Do not expect for a change. Only relationships were you may be allowed to be you are the successful ones.
  • Grow with the relationship. There are stages of every bonding. Just like a mother’s disposition changes from handling a toddler to handling an adult. Similarly you have to know how to bring maturity and meaning to your relationship which starts with dating. Unless you do that it is going to stagnate and die, of course if the partner is at a matured level then.
  • When there is disagreement of thought and too many of them are happening then contemplate. Retrospection with a cool head when the logic is working better it will be ideal to assess whether you were right. Also keep your ego out of the way and judge the situation and yourself.
  • Communication is the key to a successful relationship. When there is love that you feel unless you express it remains unsaid and sometimes unseen. Also when you have a fight grudging against it does not help, instead clarify it. Not bad to have loud arguments and fights…they are in fact natural in a process of relationship building.

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