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Relationship in a marriage:

December 7, 2012

This is one of the most important relationships. The age, the personalities and others do not matter much if you want to be happy and have a steady relationship. To stay happy and in love you need to put some hard effort and thought into the relationships. So let’s discuss some of these secrets.

Be realistic: There is a period of infatuation and physical urge.But that is not to last too long. You have to try to make the experience deeper and richer. Knowing each other well and spending quality time with each other may be one way to go ahead in this direction.

Every plant needs to be watered: every plant needs water and so does your relationship need some attention surely. They do not grow naturally…spending quality time, clearing miscommunications, reaching out and saying that you love and ways to water this plant. If you neglect and take it for granted then it is sure to go downhill.

Quality time together: It maybe just the monthly grocery of the house…but if both of you go together and look out for common needs and spend time together it enriches the experience. It is also something you have to do anyways…why not do it together. Just being together is not the factor but realizing that you are adding sweet touches to it.

Giving each other space: You have to understand your partner. Each individual needs his own space to be himself. Maybe he may want to have his time with friends just like you want to go to the salon…let there be such space where you can also operate as individuals.

Respect another opinion: You have an opinion that is fine…he may also have one. You may differ about do not belittle his choice often. If you disagree you can communicate the same very honestly or diplomatically whatever you choose to be. But respect is the basis for a mutual love.

Do not expect drastic changes: Sometimes we land up in a situation where the personality happens to be just the opposite of what you like. Basically that is a faulty assessment of the situation on your part before marriage. But it can be still worked out. A little compromise on both the parts can make this relationship a success but do not expect drastic changes ever. Also staying together both of you rubbing shoulders will exchange ideas and develop similar habits and choices eventually.

Not a perfect situation ever: there will be problems and loose ends between two people. Don’t expect it to be like a world of fantasy where there is no imperfection. You have to live with some lose ends just as he will have to. There are never any perfect situations, just have to work out things the right way.

Communicate: Happiness, worry, anxiety or even anger it is best handles when communicated. Especially when you have differences do not keep the anger and disagreement only to yourself and suffer…talk it out. Never mind a load quarrel eventually it will be healthy and happy to reach at the end of the pint.

Transparency and honesty: This is most important for two people whose relationship is one of trust and respect. Hiding and cheating is never the way. And say it clearly that you will not appreciate to be cheated either. A two way road…gives and take the same quality and lead a happy life.


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