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Childhood habits that affect a relationship:

December 7, 2012

However we discount our childhood and think that it is all play and not very serious most of our personalities are developed during that period. So what are those habits which have serious implications? Let’s get talking about them.

Being abandoned at a young age: Children who go through the pain of rejection and abandonment, develop specific characteristics. They have a habit of clinging into a person as the insecurity affects their mind. This is obvious and cannot be changed overnight. But once they start having the faith again this problem gets much better.

Emotionally deprived: Most of these, people haven’t had any one nurturing their feeling and loving them and paying attention to their emotional needs. They have gone through this deprivation and lives with it. They need intense care and love and affection.

Limitlessness: Those who have been brought up with extreme controlling measures and limits always look for that limitless life and often overdo it. Basically they want to break the shackles of rules and permit limits and be their own self completely. These people need a lot of space and freedom.

Lack of confidence: Those who have always been pointed out mistakes and defects and made to feel they are not very worthy always tend to believe that they are unworthy of any love and affection and make do with whatever little they get. These people think they are unworthy of respect love and attention from anyone.

Allow domination: These people may have been dominated for a long duration of life and let the other partner do the same, oppressive ways are quite natural and ok with them. They let the other partner take the upper hand.

Being the winner: There are some other who are perfectionists. They are high achievers and want everything perfect including the relationship which sometimes breeds pressure for the partner.

Abuse: If they have been through abuse then they always doubt intentions and never let their guard down. They also cannot trust someone easily.

Sacrificing nature: Those who have brought up in an environment where they had to sacrifice, end up being such people all their life. They are caring and sacrificing and accommodating.

Social dislike: They think they can not relate to people and group and tend to isolate themselves.

Dependents: They are indecisive need to be aided by the partner for such reasons. That can be quite taxing for the partner to be single handedly making all decisions.

Fear: They all always in the negative thought process where they fear all moves of life and want to take precaution and take charge of every minute of life.

Lack of identity: They often replicate others and like to be one in the crowd. They have not been able to develop a strong personality or identity of their own.

Low esteem: They always think they will fail in life. They suffer from inferiority complex of being lesser than most around.

Quitters: They always lack patience and feel they cannot make it. They suffer from a sense of frustration and failure.

These are just some of them….can be uncountable, therefore childhood bringing up is very important and that is the base for all relationships in life.



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