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What do you do to maintain relationships

December 5, 2012

The relationships that grow out of love are the ones that rule our emotions in life for a long time. So, how to have a successful relationship with your mate, or wife? Here is some basic guidance for better understanding of the same…

Strong bond of friendship: After all it is the need for friendship that started the relationship. Matters change and love may peek in but the friendship must not die. The best thing about a friend is to be able to give a shoulder when you need to cry and also it is a place where you can be just you without a fake expression or mask.

Understanding each other’s needs: Every human being has a different disposition which is to be respected and attended to. You have to understand the needs of your partner to make him/her feel good in life. For example maybe he likes to spend time at home and have a private time with you sometimes rather than calling too many friends and having a party… you have to identify and respect the need and maintain a balance between the two. The same has to be done by the man too.

Spending time together: Our lives are very busy, and we hardly find time at home. But for a relationship to bloom you need to spend time and share your lives. Therefore make it a point to snatch some time for yourselves…maybe the early morning tea together, or a morning walk and exercise schedule…anything that is liked by both of you. And it should be a regular event and not a one off incident.

Keep an open perspective: there are times when your spouse may not react the way which matches your expectation. You may be very new to the ideas and ideologies of another person…but keep your mind an open window and share it. Maybe your ideas are as much different for him and he is trying to balance with ease.

Keep control of yourself : Even when in a fight which is natural with two different personalities over a long period of time keep your cool. Do not utter such things which may be hurt irreparable. It is also advisable to have a communication when both of you cool down because in anger everything is lost including sound logic.

There would be much learning in the process of living together. You have to basically see whether the objectives of life are similar, whether both of you like to do the similar activities and enjoy them, whether your life principles are same, Else it is very difficult a situation for either to match and be happy. If one loves lies and dishonesty and the other is die heart opponent to it then there can never be any balance between the two.

Also the duality of time that you spend with your partner becomes very important here. Have a system of open communication where you can talk your heart out talking. Express grievances or happiness. It solves a lot of problems very simply.

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