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Importance of Relationships

December 5, 2012

In this busy world and changing lifestyles where everyone is super busy and have no time to drop and say Hi to an old friend, you may wonder is there a need for a relationship? Well when you achieve something and are very happy and excited…the whole world may be paying attention to you…do you feel like sharing it with someone who will be happy and proud of this personal joy? If you do then understand there is a need for a relationship in every life to share oneself and give away a part of you. Every human being has this need to have a personal tie, to share and relate emotionally to another person.

Even when we have some relationships, the basic pones we are born with we tend to take them for granted. The value of hot meals at home, of the shelter of an umbrella on a rainy day are extensive and it is also seen that sometimes when children are not exposed to such warmth and care they are incapable for building steady ones themselves. After all what we do at a later stage in life is a reflection of the personality we have developed seeing elders and peers in life.

Therefore you need social contacts, whatever is your gender or age or nationality or status. Relationships will see your life through ups and downs…happiness and stress but definitely rewarding. Relationships however change and develop over time, just like the orientation of a parent towards a toddler and a teenager is different similarly all others change suiting to age and atmosphere of life. At an age when we are mingling with the outer world our social ties outside home get stronger and we look for friends and at one point start swearing by them leaving behind all the ones we had by birth.

It changes with different age and different groups. There are relations of authority, which expect us to obey them. Then there are other fun filled relationships like friends which expect support and encouragement and thrill from the same. With age we have the intellect to understand the needs of each one and if have the right upbringing at home we react to these with ease and grace.

Everyone is busy nowadays and with this pace of life often we tend to neglect this very important aspect of life. But on the other hand when we have such work pressures and peer competition it is always good emotionally and mentally to have family support and friends to fall back upon. To relax and give us a break, to accept us the way we are and be natural for some time and not mechanical in this machine driven age. Relationships also teach us a lot. They give us new experiences and learn about human behaviors which are varied and also teach us to become adjustable and compromising to be in a sophisticated society of humans. In a jungle animals fall upon such behavior which is beyond our comprehension, therefore we define our own rules for the new ties in our human society which reflects our sophistication and culture and education.


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