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Dating tips:

December 4, 2012

First of all you may think why people date at all….is it a whiling away pastime? And playing with valuable emotions of a person? I think it is more than that…before you are sure you want the relationship you want to spend time and make sure. Every human needs a bond. No one can be an island of emotions and survive happily. Moreover there is also a physical need which is often bothering the hormonal needs, but the need to share the mind privately with someone special probably brings about this need for dating. The special attention and the personal space that you share seem to give you a high at least for some times.

There are also instances of people breaking away after a dating period. That is also nothing wrong…you shared each other and had a nice time where there is no more you can give to the bonding it is better to break up and move on. If it is a long term affair then there is sure to be hurt and stress…therefore here are some tips to have a positive time dating.

Choose your right partner: When you are dating obviously you will have friends commenting on it. There will be positive and negative feedback. You will want to stop the negative talk rather than hearing it…but please give a ear, sometimes it can save you from bad times.

Finding romance: at the first go it is romance that is reeling your head for the relationship but just tries to remain a little balanced. Keep your logic button on. Sometimes emotions prove to be very foolish at a later date. It is definitely a primary reason why people date and the age being vulnerable is a dangerous emotional proposition sometimes.

Ideal complimenting half: at an early stage when the need and demand for the relationship mentally is very high you are ready to make many adjustments and go through any and all compromises. Your partner to be an ideal one should be somewhat complimenting to your personality. When tastes are too different and ideologies opposite it is difficult to stick on for a long time and eventually a break up hurts beyond words. Adjustments are always necessary but you would not want to change completely for another person.

Annoying behavior: Sometimes you notice annoying behavior and disrespect and abusive words…its time you move back in complete opposite directions. These are personalities which are very hard to cope with and bring stress into relationship and life. They have a deficiency from their childhood and may not have been through wholesome relationships themselves.

The first date: It is not an audition for marriage. Just make things casual and enjoyable. Anything done with such a motive may not be very natural. It is always better to go through a few to land up with the right partner anyway. You have to give yourself time to understand your own mental needs as well. That when living in practicality can give you better clues.

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