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Romance in this Busy World

November 29, 2012

Somehow when we think of the world a few decades ago, and even in the good old 90s, we think of life as one with so much leisure, so much simplicity and so much time. Coming back to the present age, you think of life as perhaps the busiest it has been. The world is both volatile and taxing. On one hand, you might have to constantly work hard. Be it your job, where you have to work to meet your expenses and also save money, because the economy might go down any time, or college, where you have to work hard and be brilliant if you want to land a nice job, life really springs surprises at you. At the same time, the competition is at an all time high, thanks to the ever growing population. Hence, today, you might have to work much harder than what your forefathers did in order to lead a decent life.

The downside of this lifestyle is your personal relationships. It might have been years since you met your childhood best friend. It might also have been years since you last went out with your family for a good old outing. It also affects your romance rather badly. Since you both are busy working all the time, you never seem to find time for each other. In the earlier times, people had a lot of time for each other, and they bonded well in all those times. Today, romances are very volatile due to the increasing pressure from outside, hence, there is a greater level of divorces in this world today.

It is important to work and lead a decent lifestyle, no doubt. But that alone can’t guarantee you happiness. What you also need is good relationships, because they can provide you with true happiness. Hence, we’re made a list of a few tips that will help you in keeping your romance levels high and interesting while not sacrificing on the work as well.

  1. Use technology – The modern world has a great thing – amazing technology. You had landline phones in the ancient times, but today you have everything from cell phones to video chat. Hence, when you have such awesome technology at your disposal, you must make great use of it to remain in touch. You must text your partner, not always, but quite frequently. It doesn’t take too much of time, but does a great deal. Also, you can do things such as video chats that will help you a lot to recreate the magic of the romance.
  2. Resolve matters – When misunderstandings or other things crop up, just take a few moments off from your work to talk it off and immediately resolve it. If you delay it, you will forget to do it with all that extra work you have, and that will worsen the relationship.
  3. Do special things – Whenever you have a little time, which you will, do special things. Go for special dinners, special outings, and make the most of the moments you spend together.

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