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Breakup Tips

November 29, 2012

We’ve talked a lot of times about romance, and how awesome it is, and how to make your romance better and better, whether you’re in school or in a marriage. But, it has to be recognized that breakups are also important part of relationships, because they keep happening all the time. Also, they get special significance when you’re dating. When you’re dating, you’re just trying out how a relationship works with a particular person, and in such situations things might just get a little bit sticky. Here, you’ll need good breakup skills to really get out of the mess, and to do away with the attachment that either of you might have developed.

You might get attached to a person a little bit, but it’s easy to see that you’re not compatible. Hence, in such situations it becomes necessary to break up because if you don’t, you’ll cause future hurt to yourself and your partner. Also, there are some relationships where things might seem to get really out of hand. You might not want to spend more time of your life in the relationship because it might be really getting difficult and you might be having to face a lot of sadness and hurt. In such situations, break ups become important. But you must break up in the right way. This is because a breakup has to be properly done in order to protect your reputation and your image in people’s eyes. Also, you must have the satisfaction of breaking up properly. Hence, we’ve given a few tips to really show you how to break up.

  1. Respect and Honour – Before breaking up, remember that it is really important to protect your respect and honour. You won’t want to break up in a really bad way that will destroy your respect and honour among your friends. Hence, before you do or say anything rash, remember this.
  2. Remember you loved – Always remember that you shared a great relationship at one point of time, and there was a great bond between you both. Hence, try to be pleasant with her. Remind her of all the great times you had.
  3. Be firm and rational – You have to be polite, firm and rational all at the same time. You have to be polite and explain to her rationally what were the causes and the reasons for the break up. A break up without giving a reason is a not a very good thing, and hence you must be honest with the reason, howsoever strange it might be. Also, be firm, so as to prevent yourself from not being able to break up properly just because you don’t know how to say no to a girl.
  4. Maintain good relations – It’s okay if she doesn’t want to talk to you after the break up, but try to maintain good relations with her, just because she was an integral part of your life, if not anything else. If she resists, then let go, and don’t bother her too much.

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