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What to do when you’re falling for a friend

November 28, 2012

It might happen on a number of occasions that you might find yourself falling in love with a friend. A relationship that started as one of friendship may soon convert into an inexplicable attachment, and you might consider yourself falling for that person. The more time you spend with each other, the stronger your bond might get, and you might experience a strange attachment forming between you both. Hence, a relationship which started with the innocence of friendship may convert into a relationship of love. It is fairly common that at one point of time in a friendship, one person may fall for the other. This leads to a number of complications though. It may either be that things go perfectly smoothly and conclude in a relationship that will keep both partners happy. In the other case, it might be such that the entire friendship may fall apart. Hence, one needs to be careful in such situations because these are extremely delicate matters.

When two people first become friends, and then fall in love, it is the stepping stone for a perfect relationship. This relationship would last really long and the bond would be very strong because it has the foundation of a friendship. When you’re best friends, you share secrets with each other that you might not share with your partner. Hence, when you progress from friendship to love, the awkwardness between you both is eliminated and you both understand each other perfectly. Also, the very fact that you both fell for each other also leads to the conclusion that you both have a very good rapport and understanding with each other. But in some cases, things do get complicated. We enlist a few things to do when you find yourself falling for your friend.

  1. Give it time – Wait a few days to just recheck whether it is love or infatuation. If after a few days, you feel the same way about her, then you’re in love.
  2. Drop a few hints – When you’re done with the first step, then the next step is to test what she thinks of you. Drop in a few casual hints that’ll get her thinking along the same lines. Flirt with her casually. Then notice her response, if she blushes or if it lifts her mood, then you have a chance. If she’s very casual and does not notice it, then she hasn’t quite thought of you that way.
  3. Decide – This is an important part. You will have to analyze and decide. You must know what’s at stake in this stage. You might perhaps loose the friend forever if you decide to approach her that way. Even if you don’t, she might never be the same again for you. Hence, you must be careful and take a calculated risk. If you consider your friendship more important than the relationship, then you must perhaps abstain from doing it. This is the complicated bit, and the decision that will be taken by you will alter according to the peculiar facts of every case.

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