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The Best Gifts for Him

November 28, 2012

A lot has been talked and debated upon what girls like to be gifted. Indeed, whether people accept it or not, the flow of gifts in most relationships usually takes place more from the guy’s side to the girl’s side. That’s the common case, and there are of course, a number of exceptions that you’ll find. But when a girl gifts a guy something, it is considered a really special sign. That’s because a guy may involve himself a lot of times in buying a gift for the girl, but when the girl gifts something to the guy, she really thinks about it and does her best to make the man happy. Girls are usually choosy and not rash like guys, and they take their time in choosing the perfect gift for the guy.

What a guy wants is perhaps something not many people know. Usually, you’d hear about girls talking about wardrobes and jewellery and bags, while men have less variety when it comes to fashion. Also, the inclination towards doing fashionable things is slightly lesser in an average guy than an average girl, maybe because guys usually lose patience over such things. This is evident especially during the student or early working life of a guy, but things might change afterwards. When it comes to gifting, even though girls are very choosy and put in a lot of thought, they sometimes might have no idea about what a guy wants. Even though a guy may not want anything in particular, there may be certain aspects of a guy’s lifestyle that may need looking into. Guys usually neglect some aspects of their lifestyle, as in, some things they need to buy but constantly neglect. If you look in such categories, and gift them a nice gift, it’s almost ensured that they’ll like it. Also, they’ll use it frequently, because they are not spoilt for choice in such aspects. Some common gift ideas are given below –

  1. Shoes – Many guys don’t really pay too much attention to shoes. Their shoes may be old and in not a very good condition. It might be a great idea to gift him a nice pair of casual shoes that he can wear around all the time.
  2. Formal clothes – Especially during their student life, guys don’t really concentrate too much on formal or semi-formal wear. They have their wardrobes full of casual wear such as t-shirts, etc. If you gift him a nice formal or semi formal piece of clothing, then he’ll wear it at special occasions.
  3. Books – We’re not generalizing, but if your boyfriend isn’t into reading, then you might consider giving him a few novels to read. He’ll soon realize how wonderful the entire world of books it, and will thank you for it for a lifetime.
  4. Key-chains – You can gift him a cute pair of key-chains, perhaps personalized as well. Most of us carry some key or the other, and the key-chain will constantly remind him of you.

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