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Qualities to look for in your Life Partner

November 27, 2012

In life, most of us aim to achieve success. But also, we aim to settle down as a family, have kids and lead a proper family and social life. For doing such a thing, we must have a decent partner who will be with us when we need them. We may be in and out of relationships at different points of time in our life. But we must choose our life partner properly. This is because relationships may be temporary with the option to get out of it when there is a lot of problems and incompatibility. But a marriage is a much more solid institution. You cannot just keep getting in and out of marriages. There has to be some sort of stability in your lives, and in order that there be any such stability, you must have a stable family life which begins with a happy and stable relationship.

You must really be out on the look for your life partner for some period of time before you enter the perfect relationship. There are a lot of people who are lucky enough to get their life partner in the first try, but there are a lot others who take more than one relationship to finally find their partner. You must try your best to avoid any volatile nature if you have any, and keep yourself well grounded and not lose that perfect partner when you have one. You must try for a long relationship, and when the time is right propose her for marriage.

There must be certain qualities that you must look for in your life partner, so as to ensure that perfect family life. Some of them are –

  1. Love – It is the most important thing that must exist in your relationship. You both must love each other deeply and madly, and should not be able to live without each other. When everything else fails, love carries through a relationship, and hence it is of utmost importance. When there is love in a relationship, it makes up for a lot of things as well. Love is what will make your family life satisfying and exciting.
  2. Care – You must ensure that the person is good at heart. The person must not be too egoistic or harsh. They must not always think about themselves. They must have the ability to care about you, and about others. Every relationship requires some amount of selfless sacrifice. You must ensure that your partner is able to do that. You might have to later raise kids in your marriage, and without a person who is humble, selfless and caring, you might have a hard time.
  3. Respect – That person must respect your existence. They should appreciate your choices, your decisions, and learn to live with them. They must not impose themselves upon you in every situation, because this is a sign of dominance. This might lead to a highly unsatisfying experience in terms of happiness and pleasure, and you might feel frustrated in the marriage.

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