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How to tell if you’re in Love

November 27, 2012

Love is indeed a wonderful feeling, and it alone has the capacity to life up our mood and improve our entire life. Wealth and other material things are alone not capable of making us happy. In fact, they are minor things in our life. Our main motive in life is love, and we yearn for love. One type of such a relationship is the relationship of a couple. We get into a lot of couple relationships in our life, and some of the people are lucky enough to spend their life with just one partner.

A couple relationship provides us with a type of security and confidence. We know, there is somebody who loves us, and somebody we can depend upon when we need them. We also know that when we go home after a long day of work, we won’t be lonely. We’ll have somebody who we can talk with and spend our time. When we go out, we can look forward to having them with us and spending some quality time together. Hence, that person becomes really close to us and such relationships are integral part of people’s lives.
Falling in love in one of the best feelings that man can experience. It’s a magical feeling, and the entire world around you changes. It’s as if the entire world is happy, and everything is filled with joy. You have so much to look forward to in your life, and suddenly, things look very bright. That is the level of impact that falling in love can have on you.

There are some signs that you can tell that you’re falling in love with a person. They are –

  1. The world seems awesome – You remain happy and everything around you seems great. You feel full of energy and willing to do things and talk to people. Overall, the enthusiasm towards all aspects of your life increases, and you are suddenly a different person. There is a lot of positive energy that surrounds you and you feel on top of the world.
  2. Jealousy – It is one of the acid tests of love. When you’re in love, you simply cannot stand the sight of your love interest talking to somebody else of your own gender. Even if they are friends or whatever, you cannot tolerate it. It feels even worse when you hear praises about another guy from the girl you love, and you get instantly pissed off. You get really possessive about her and feel like shielding her from all the other people. When she hangs out with her other male friends, and especially when you’re not there, you get really frustrated and impatient.
  3. Care – You start caring about the person much more. Whenever that person is not feeling well or is a little upset, you immediately get very concerned. You go ahead instantly to console her and make that person feel better. When that person is unhappy, it seems as if there is something that is making you unhappy.

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