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Few Characteristics to Cultivate

November 26, 2012

A girl loves a true gentleman. You need to have a lot of characteristics to be really impressive to a girl. A girl looks for certain traits in a man before deciding to enter a relationship with her. The traits one needs to cultivate are two-fold. One must show the pure heart of the boy, meaning, that the boy is of good nature, trustworthy and sincere. The second type of trait must be able to attract people. The boy must be able to win people over with his attitude and personality. His presence must be such as that people get attracted to him. These two traits must be present in the right proportion in a person so that he can attract people and win them over. Some people really have no presence, and hence, howsoever good natured and nice they may be, nobody really notices them and appreciates them. The other type may be the centre of all the attention, but their character and personality may seem fake and negative, and hence everybody associates themselves with such person, but all maintain a good distance and certainly nobody would like to enter into a relationship with them.

A girl doesn’t look for both these qualities in a boy necessarily, but it unconsciously affects her, and in short, affects your chances of impressing a girl. Hence, these characteristics have a number of traits that are associated with them. If you do not possess any of the characteristics mentioned above, then with some effort you can actually cultivate them.

  1. Humour – Humour is one the most appreciated things about a man. Wit, at the right place, can win you hearts. Wit makes people laugh, and brings you close to them. When you say something witty at the right moment, then people recognize the intelligence that goes behind making of such wit, and appreciate it. Also, wit can rescue you when you are in unwanted and awkward situations.
  2. Gentleness – When you talk to a lady always be gently, whether with your actions or your words. You must always be good mannered with your words and look towards making the lady comfortable and happy. Also with your actions, make sure you don’t do anything too rash. You must do little things like opening the car door for a girl, etc. that will show the lady that you have been brought up really well and have been imbibed with the necessary characteristics of a gentleman.
  3. Sincerity – Sincerity can be seen from your actions. You must remember things properly and talk to people properly. Sincerity usually comes when you actually care enough about the people. So when you tell somebody that you will call them up, or help them, then go home and remember to do it. This will show the person that you actually regard them as somebody close and are sincere towards them. This will show that you value them in your life, and they mean something to you. This will show that you have a pure heart, and people will like you and show the same sincerity towards you.

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