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Facebook Dating

November 26, 2012

Dating on Facebook is the new trend. Gone are the times when you had to meet physically in order to approach a person on a date. Thanks to Facebook, most social relationships have undergone a huge revolution. Now you can stay in any corner of the world and know about your loved ones. Telephone was also helpful in this, but with a thing like Facebook, you can view their daily activity every moment. You can view the photographs uploaded by them and the various places they have checked into.

Facebook has provided people with a good medium to communicate. When people are shy, they can easily add the other person on Facebook and talk to them comfortably. Also, you can just browse about Facebook looking at the profiles of different people for a pretty face who you can look to date. You can then send them a friend request and start talking to them. The conversations are secure and safe, and you can slowly be friends and then approach them for a date. In case you have seen this really pretty girl in college but are scared to talk to her, then you can easily add her on Facebok and talk to her. Like most types of dating, Facebook has a number of rules as well. You can look for dates and start dating on Facebook. Some tips are attached below.

  1. Maintain a good profile – Maintain a good and healthy profile that is informative and simple. People look into your profile so that they could know more about you. Don’t enter unnecessary information trying to be funny, because that is really annoying. Also, try not to speak too many bad words or associate with bad people. If you have bad habits, such as smoking and drinking, then there is no need to update that on Facebook. Also, when you upload photos, ensure that they are decent and nice.
  2. Talk nicely – Don’t be too obsessed with people. Talk when they are comfortable and don’t pester them all the time. It gets really annoying when somebody is always sending you chat messages, and it does your reputation a lot of harm. People don’t take you seriously after that. Hence, you must be careful as to how much you talk. Also, when talking, be respectful and maintain your own space. Don’t try to be too flirty, because people will then consider you a flirt. Also, even if you’re trying the same trick on more than one person, don’t make it public, try to keep it secret.
  3. Progress – As you chat, try progressing the bond and do not let it stagnate. One day you could just introduce yourself, and after a few days start talking about your friends. Then you could perhaps take the conversation to a deeper level and start talking about romance. It’ll help if you give away a few secrets of your own in order to listen to hers. This will bring along with it increased bonding. This will also improve the trust between the partners, and that is one of the most important aspects of dating.

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