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Tips to Keep a Relation from Falling Apart

November 25, 2012

A relationship is indeed precious, and it gives us a number of joys of our life. We learn so much from a relationship, and through the process we become very attached to our partner. We learn about various feelings such as emotional interdependence, happiness, care, sacrifice, etc. Most of us wonder if we could stay forever in that particular relationship that gives us so much joy and happiness, and remain with that person all the time. But all relations are prone to problems and fights, and the human character is a rather volatile one. We might have a number of problems with our partner as time progresses, and the magic of the relationship might look to disappear. Also, with time, ego issues and trust issues might arise out of nothing and the relationship might look to fade away. In fact, even we get so carried away by the terrible emotions of the relationship such as jealousy, mistrust, etc. that we also fail to think rationally and with a steady mind. We give in to such feelings and break up with our partners and then regret it. If we take some time off and think with a healthy and calm mind, then we will realize that both of us are doing a wrong thing by letting each other go. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that things become better in a relationship and reaches the heights that it had reached in the past. If we don’t do it, then the loss is only ours, and hence we must work towards it. Some tips for resolving relationship issues are –

  1. Talk, talk and talk – Talking solves most problems. It is the most effective tool to solve any kind of issue. If you’re alone, you let terrible thoughts wander in your mind. But if you talk things out, then nothing bad will happen. You will be able to clear misunderstandings and lead a much happier life devoid of any mistrust and such issues. Also, when you talk to them, you realize how important they are to you, and you resolve never to lose them from your life.
  2. Spend time together – When you spend time together, you realize each other’s importance in your lives. You must always try to go out for a nice fun and adventurous outing, and lose control. That will really help you sort out the inner differences and awkwardness that might have cropped up due to some fight. You forget all problems and become yourself again, and become comfortable in the company of your partner all over again. When the chemistry comes back, everything else immediately becomes better.

Make sure you don’t repeat mistakes – Whenever a fight happens, more often than not, both the partners have some fault or the other. So sit down, analyze your own faults, apologize for them, and resolve never to repeat them again. This way, things will get better, slowly and surely. If you keep making small little changes here and there and avoid doing small mistakes, things will be much brighter and better.

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