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Proposal Tips

November 25, 2012

A proposal is always the beginning of a relationship. A relationship begins when one person confesses his or her love to the other, and the other person says a yes. Without such confession, formally, a relationship cannot begin. This is why proposals are very important. A good proposal is your password to a relationship. Also, in a number of circumstances, the girl (we’re assuming it’s a girl because it’s the guys who mostly propose) is undecided on the boy. The girl likes the boy and everything, but is undecided as to whether she should be in a relationship with the guy. They might be scared of a relationship, or awkward, or not having the sufficient amount of trust. Also, they might not be sure that the boy actually loves them truly. They have a number of questions which are unanswered in their brains, and hence they are undecided as to whether they should go into a relationship. In these situations, a proposal is of utmost importance. A proposal can make or break your relationship. When the proposal is superb and nice, it’ll be a yes from her. If the proposal is dull and boring, it’ll fail to excite her, and she would believe you don’t like her enough. Hence, the chances of getting a no become great.

Also, to add to people’s woes, they might not be too good at proposing. You can’t blame them, it’s not every day that they get to propose somebody, hence they might not know how it’s done. On the other hand, movies increase expectations of people as to how a proposal must be made. Nothing less than that is acceptable. Hence, you are in a fix. To get out of it, we’ve come up with some useful tips of a proposal.

  1. Sincerity – Sincerity is the golden word. You have to be sincere in your proposal. Your proposal may be simple or fancy, but if it’s not a sincere effort then she’ll get the hint that you’re not the right guy for her and you don’t love her enough.
  2. Surprises – Girls love surprises. So don’t propose them when they’re expecting it. Instead, propose them the moment after, just when they are about to face disappointment. So if you have a great evening with her, she might expect you to confess your love at night while you drop her home. Instead, wait till morning, get up early, stand in front of her place, call her up and ask her to come outside, and then propose her the way you want to. That’ll make her whole day beautiful.
  3. Have something with you – When you propose her, have something. Depending on the type of proposal, it’s a great idea to have either a rose or a ring with you. You can also have a card, or even might consider an old fashioned letter that’ll go a great way in impressing her. Even chocolates will do, but try to keep something. And don’t forget to catch her hand.



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