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Intimacy matters in a Relationship

November 24, 2012

Intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship, especially in the modern times. In the modern age, a number of conservative societies are also opening up, and accepting intimacy as an important part of a relationship, and something very natural, rather than sinful. When you’re in a relationship, you feel an inexplicable attraction and love for your partner, and you feel the desire to show it to them. This desire is satisfied by making love to them. It gives you a strange feeling of satisfaction, and the bond you share with your partner becomes infinitely better and more comfortable.

Human desires are difficult to control, and the physical desire is anyway too strong a desire to control. If you try to control it, it’ll only cause unhappiness to you, and the best feeling is to just let it go and make love. But in many types of relationships, intimacy is still a taboo. You must know a lot of things about intimacy really, before you jump into it. There are a number of issues, for example, in what type of relationships you must be intimate, the time, your limits, and a number of issues that we’ll deal with today.

  1. Type of relationship – It’s perfectly cool to be intimate in a serious and long relationship, because intimacy will come sooner rather than later. You cannot resist each other for long. In any case, you both are close enough and know each other well enough to really not mind getting intimate with each other. If the relationship is casual, then all depends on you. If you want intimacy, go for it. If you want only emotional interdependence and some fun, and no intimacy, then so be it.
  2. Phase of relationship – You must not start getting intimate from the day you enter into a relationship. If you do that, you’ll be branded as a despo, and your feelings will never get too much respect. You must wait for the both of you to get cool and comfortable with each other, and when the right moment comes, it’ll happen automatically. You will not need to put in an effort for it, and neither should you. It’ll come. When it comes that way, nothing will be forced, and it’ll be all perfect and amazing.
  3. Limits – Another golden rule – know your limits. Never ever cross your limits. You must have a talk to your girlfriend about your limits, and then decide upon the same. You must never try to cross your limits, because that will do irreparable damage to your relationship. Things might never be the same again, and you might have to think twice before you get intimate. Also, this might lead to a breakup, so better try to stay in limits.
  4. Be gentle – This is another tip – always be passionate, yet gentle. You might be feeling  a lot of love, but control it a bit. Just be gentle and nice, at least initially. That’ll help your prospects, and ensure that the intimacy will remain at the optimum level.

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