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Tips for Casual Relationships

November 23, 2012

Relationships are usually broadly classified as casual and serious – based on the bond and the attitude of the people in the relationship. Sometimes people just try out a relationship to see how it works, and then it turns out to be a serious one. Sometimes, especially in the modern times, a lot of people go in for casual relationships just to while away their time if they have a lot of it. Sometimes they do it for some type of support. In a sense, they are also whiling away their time, but they are preventing themselves from being lonely.

A casual relationship is, as the name suggests, pretty much casual. There is no too much control or influence on one another, and not much melodrama. The partners like each other, but they can live without each other. The partners usually do not involve feelings of jealousy or possessiveness, and too many trust issues don’t come in. But when they do, the relationship breaks apart. The partners just need another person with whom they can hang about and make a bit of love, although that depends from case to case. There are a number of differences that casual and serious relationships have, but it is widely regarded that casual relationships hurt less when the couple breaks up. Also, casual relationships go on for much shorter period of time than serious relationships.

Some tips are worth mentioning for casual relationships, which will guide you through a casual relationship and also perhaps interest you in a casual relationship.

  1. Go into it when you’re lonely – When you’re lonely is the best time to go into a casual relationship. It does not necessarily bring about with it the seriousness and burden of a serious relationship and things are light and normal. Another good time to enter into a casual relationship is when you’ve just broken up in a serious relationship. These are periods of sadness and heartburn and you can consider a casual relationship here. This is because it will keep you occupied and help you forget your ex, and also not bring about with it another liability of a serious relationship. Another thing you must know is that you cannot be too choosy with casual relationships. Just go for a decent person, but don’t wait for the perfect person.
  2. Don’t get too intimate – Although most relationships today encompass intimacy along with them, intimacy tends to complicate things a bit. There is another type of relationship which is undertaken only for intimacy, like a fling, but in a casual relationship, avoid getting too intimate with your partner. This will complicate things to a great extent and spoils the entire fun of a casual relationship.
  3. Have fun – A casual relationship also brings about with it a lot of fun, so be sure to make the most out of the fun. Go out, roam with her, and have all the fun that you must. This will drive away all your loneliness and give you all the joy you were seeking in the first place.

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