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Resolve Your Marriage

November 22, 2012

A marriage is a social contract wherein two people decide to live with each other for the rest of their lives, and lead their social lives together. In common man’s terms, a marriage is when two people fall in love and enter into a legally binding relationship so that they could spend their life together. In a few parts of the world, there are arranged marriages where people marry someone of their parents’ choice. In such cases, the marriage happens first and love usually follows thereafter.

A marriage relationship usually begins really well and continues with great happiness and celebration. When people marry as a result of falling in love, they usually have a very stable relationship. In any case, it is recommended to have a very stable relationship before you marry, and not marry a person with whom you have been for a very short period of time. If your relationship stands the test of time, then your relationship is a strong one and you deserve to marry.

In all kinds of marriages, a number of issues occur, which are a result of normal human actions and emotions. There might be things like jealousy, money issues, etc. which can affect a relationship of marriage. A marriage tends to be more safe than a relationship because it is a legal relationship, and cases of break-up or divorce are less. But, it is nobody’s gain if your marital relationship gives you a lot of pain and sadness, because that is not why you got married. You got married to remain happy, and hence you must work positively towards making that happen.

A number of things that can really solve issues in marriage are –

  1. Making things clear – In a relationship of marriage, what happens is, people get to live with each other. Hence, the status of the people is of much more responsible and mature people. In such cases, they get to spend their lives together, and maybe without the care of their parents. They must assume responsibility for themselves, and it would help greatly if the people sat down and talked things over like mature people and divide responsibilities among themselves. It would help massively if you talked monetary matters over and decided who gets to pay what bill. Also, dividing responsibilities will also include dividing household matters such as doing the laundry, cooking, etc. unless you have household help.
  2. Trust – Trust issues can really make a relationship hell. Hence, one must do their best to avoid jealously and mistrust. One should be careful on both fronts. One must not allow jealousy to creep into their lives, and one should also not afford the other person the opportunity to doubt them over their actions. Hence, one should be careful as trust matters can lead to a number of relationships breaking down.
  3. Spend time together – This is a golden rule. After marriage, don’t leave each other alone. Try to be with them all the time and attend parties and outings with your spouse.

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