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Live-in Relationships and Benefits

November 22, 2012

In the modern world of computers and mobile phones, one might argue that the world is getting worse as it gets complicated. But there are a number of things that are getting better. The human outlook and the human attitude is getting better in many aspects. One takes a much broader view towards life and frees himself of the narrow thinking that was prevalent in the past. One such product of such broad mentality is the phenomenon of live-in relationships which have revolutionized the way relationships are being seen and carried out in the modern times.

There are a number of sides to such live-in relationships. They had been a subject of social ridicule and criticism in the past, and people who led such relationships were deemed people of loose character. The implication of live-in relationships in natural. One is sharing a house with his boyfriend or girlfriend, and hence that brings with it an idea of having intimacy. It goes without saying that most live in relationships involve a lot of intimacy, and hence it is looked down upon people, especially in conservative societies. Another problem with such relationships is that people are staying together without having any legal relationship. This is problematic because these very people may one day break up, and go on to spend their lives in another or the same house with another person. The very idea of it seems awkward to people and hence people used to shy away from it.

Apart from the undue criticism it received, such live-in relationships do have a great advantage. Some aspects of live-in relationships are mentioned below.

  1. Close to married life – It shows you how a marriage and how married life will be, without forcing you into a bond of marriage. Here, most of the duties and responsibilities are similar to marriage only, like living together, sharing bills, etc. and hence it teaches you a lot of things about a married life. It is a having practice of marriage without being married, and hence when you get married, you’re better prepared for it.
  2. Helps you decide – You can decide to marry your partner or not after such a relationship. There are a number of marriages that break down immediately after they are formed. This is because the people realize that they are very much different than what they thought of each other. A divorce is not a very good thing, and neither is a break up. But a breakup has a lesser degree of social implications than a divorce.
  3. Intimacy – The intimacy aspect is seen upon positively as well as negatively by many people. When you get intimate with your partner, you obviously start loving each other more and get closer to each other. You can come back from a long and tiring day and be with your love, even when you are not married. This improves the bond greatly, and makes the love between the parties stronger. With these, the relationship becomes more stable and the chances of the parties marrying each other increase.

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