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When You Have Competition for the Girl

November 21, 2012

In school, college or at work, there’s usually a particular girl or a few of them that are the prettiest. Since most human minds (and eyes) perceive things the same way, you might have noticed that there may be a number of people who have fallen for the same girl. In fact, you might have been in such a situation as well, we all have. It’s usually amongst the boys, for a specific girl, and people get down to cheap tricks in order to impress them.

This is usually a case of infatuation, wherein people all fall for the same girl because of their pretty looks. This leads to a lot of complication in the relationships between the men themselves and also with the girl. This is not a pleasant situation – but this does not mean that you give up on the girl. Being with the girl will make you really popular, because she’s the prettiest thing around. It’ll be a huge psychological victory that she chose you from amongst so many options, and would do your confidence a world of good. Also, you might have a strange feeling that she’s the one for you. Hence, irrespective of the odds, irrespective of everything else, you can go for her. But remember, there is nothing as important as your self respect and the respect that you generate from others, which must not be compromised upon in any situation. Hence, you must try for her if you wish, but you must do it with honour and respect. You must win the girl over in a noble way, and not use cheap tricks to impress her. We’ve attached a few tips to impress her in the perfect way.

  1. Don’t involve in fights – Don’t involve in petty fights over her. That lowers her reputation in her mind, and in other people’s minds as well.  Fighting is for small boys, be classy and win her over with your charm. Be neutral in all situations.
  2. Don’t stick up to her – There might be a hundred other boys sticking up to her, doing her all types of favours. What difference will it make if another boy is added to that list? Nothing. Hence, maintain your standard, and don’t go up to her and look for excuses to talk.
  3. Ignore her/ be rude to her – This is really the best way to gain her attention. Everybody has been sweet to her, and if you ignore her or be rude to her she’ll start wondering. It’ll certainly hurt her ego a bit, and she’ll try to come closer to you so that you become as sweet to her as everybody else.
  4. Show her your classy self – When you’re with her, be classy, act intelligent, be a lot of fun. When she thinks of spending time with you, do strange things that will surprise her. Play pranks on others, and let her have a time of her life. Be good with humour, because once you’re good with humour, half of the job is done.

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