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How to be with an Introvert

November 21, 2012

There are different types of people in the world. Some are socially very comfortable, and they feel a great sense of satisfaction when they are outside, having fun, partying or hanging out. They are the show-stealers in every party, and love to have fun with a lot of people. There is no social discomfort involved here. But there is another kind, broadly categorizing, what likes exactly the opposite. They’d rather sit at home at watch tv or read a book than go out to party. Even if they are at a party, they’ll be at a corner, quietly enjoying a drink and striking up a conversation with another lone person than be the centre of attention.

They are different from the ones who are socially very comfortable. They are shy, seldom will you find them trying to be the centre of attention. They pay more attention to intellectual endeavours and are busy with their own selves. They create a world for themselves and are happy in that world. Dating such a person may not be the easiest task because of the communication problem. They are not the most loquacious and hence they don’t strike up conversations unnecessarily. They have a shield around themselves, that you’ll need to cross in order to see their inner self. Once you’ve jumped over that world, you’ll see who that person is, and you’ll truly love them. An introvert is an amazing person at heart, and once you’ve entered their inner world, you will have an experience of a lifetime. It will be something you might have never experienced before, the care, the love and everything else.

There are a few tips that you must keep in mind before dating an introvert. These tips deal with how to talk to a introvert properly, so that the relationship blossoms and you both get satisfaction and happiness.

  1. Talk to them – Accept the fact that it’s their weakness. You must try talking to them all the time. It might be a tad difficult with their bland and short replies. You might be frustrated on certain occasions but you need to persevere. They will love you like no other. Hence, it is sometimes advisable that an extrovert actually dates an introvert, but an extrovert has to be a bit patient and understanding. Two introverts may face a number of hurdles in a relationship because of the communication gap, but once they get along, they’ll actually get along famously, because they understand each other perfectly.
  2. Have fun – Introverts remain in their shell most of the time. They are socially awkward and hence don’t go out on too many outings. Take them out and have a massive fun time. This will make them love and trust you even more, and they will start freeing up with you.
  3. Understand them – Talk to them, but when they want to be left alone, understand that they want a bit of quiet time and leave them alone. That is the best way to deal with them, but try talking to them soon after, else they might just take offence.

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