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How to introduce an ethnically different partner to your family

November 20, 2012

Anybody in a relationship wishes to seek family approval to carry their relationship to a different level. Introducing a partner to your family requires lot of temerity as such, and if your partner belongs to a different caste, race, religion or culture you are in for a serious trouble. This requires lots of planning and mutual consent with your partner. This is a very fragile situation and should be handled with care. Read on know some wise ways to handle these situations.

1.Talk to your partner

Introduce the positive aspects of your religion or caste to your partner. Make them respect your traditions and in turn learn to respect their background. Make them familiar with some important aspect or memory of your life for which you give credit to your upbringing and family background. Show them exactly where you are coming from and what makes you the person you are now. Preparing together can help you to overcome the mine vs. yours factor, it will also help you to learn about each other’s family beforehand

2.Prepare your family

Prepare your family in advance for the forthcoming situation. Try to create a positive perspective about your partner. Make them realize how happy you are with your partner and how he or she has brought so many good changes in you. Educate your family with your partner’s rich heritage and culture. Do not get into an argument in this stage, just be positive about your partner. Families generally have a knack of changing your mind so be firm on your decisions.

3.Educate each other about your customs

Knowing some valuable customs can definitely come handy in future. It will not make you uncomfortable in their household and will also demonstrate your flexibility and your attribute of fitting into different situations. This also signifies respect and it will also support your conversation with their family.

4. Hold a win- win sight

When you come together create a win – win situation acknowledging mutual respect for each other’s background. Reflect the goodness of each other’s the culture. Practice benignancy and do not hold any grudges against your partner’s family it may affect your relationship.

5. Learn to handle sensitive topics

Families are very sensitive about their culture and background. Be prepared to handle such situations, in case you are struck in such a dilemma. Do not let cultural differences or some snide remark by one of your relative to hamper your relationship. Try to manage such dense situations as or when they occur and be ready to talk about it with your partner.

6. Stay at your partner’s side

Be ready to take side with your partner in difficult situations, it will strengthen your relationship and will also reflect your trust. Since they are in a strange territory when encountering your family, it’s your duty to protect them.

7. Honor blending of cultures

Even after you have married, difference within a family can create disquiet with your partner. Practice their traditions and get involved in their family traditions to honor the mixing of cultures. Encourage your children to practice both the cultures, it will  integrate them to different cultural backgrounds and they will learn to respect all the cultures.


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