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Tips to have a Secret Relationship with Someone

November 19, 2012

There are many people out there who want to make their relationship a secret one to avoid any sort of flak from their immediate family members or from the society. Maintaining a secret relationship with someone becomes utmost necessary lest a host of problems arise as a result of the relationship becoming exposed to a group of people. Maintaining a secret relationship is of utmost importance in these cases to maintain a harmonic situation in the family and to avoid any sort of emotional or psychological instability. Following are a few points required to maintain a secret relationship with someone. Remember, these points should only be used in the case of a legitimate relationship and is not for someone interested in cheating.

1)      Always have a code name for that person:

Whether it is your cell phone or your instant messaging device, you should always save your partner’s name as a code or any other inconspicuous name. This will be truly beneficial at times when someone else bumps into your phone or email id. This saves you from any kind of fearful situations which may turn out to be harmful both for you as well as your relationship.

2)      When they call you or if you meet, do it in privacy:

Relationships require both the partners spending quality time with each other. At times it may so happen that your partner calls you or you two decide to hang out somewhere or date each other and dine together. You should always remember to be very careful in these sorts of situations. In the case of phone calls, remember to talk with your partner in your room or any other private place where it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to eavesdrop. If you decide to meet somewhere, choose a safe location where it wouldn’t be possible for your family members to check you out.

3)      Make sure that your partner is also on the same page of secrecy as you are:

Make it sure that your partner knows about your secret relationship and if possible advice your partner to maintain a level of secrecy too so that the secret doesn’t get exposed. There may be some mutual friends among the family members and they may play the spoilsport.


1)      Be in a secret relationship with one who is extremely trustworthy. The person must have a good character. Many cases have arisen when either of the persons involved in a secret relationship cheats the other.

2)      The secret to every relationship is trust and thus this important aspect applies to this sort of relationship too. Make sure that your partner is trustworthy and you also shouldn’t do anything that will break your partner’s trust in you.

3)      Don’t ignore your friends. Your family members may become suspicious if you avoid your friends.

4)      Don’t tell it to anyone else except the extremely faithful ones. Once it is out among your friends, there is a high risk of getting itself out in the open and eventually your parents may come to know about this.

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