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Tips to Have a Good Relationship in Middle School for Girls

November 19, 2012

A relationship in middle school mostly arises due to infatuation. This sort of relationship is generally trouble-free and without any hassles as the person involves focuses only on love and thus there doesn’t arise many complications. The following are some steps to be followed by a girl to have a successful relationship in high school.

1)      Make it clear that you are dating the other:

It is very important that you both should know that you are dating each other. This removes any sort of awkwardness between both of you and makes it clear that both of you are interested in each other.

2)      Let others know:

To gather up spice in your dating life, let others know. High school children generally like others getting jealous of them. You can also do the same. Let other classmates know, including your friends, so that no one would try to take your man.

3)      Be friends with his friends:

This is the way in which you won’t feel awkward later. Try to be friends them and know about his secrets. In this way you won’t feel left-out when you are with him and his friends bump into.

4)      Be sweet:

Remember to be sweet and simple all the time. You can sit in the class together, eat lunch together at school. Let him know that you care for him a lot. Never try to fight or quarrel with him as this may strain your relationship.

5)      Trust him:

You have to trust him and also let him trust you. You both have to make promises to each other that you won’t break each other’s trust. Don’t try to be judgmental of him. Accept him as he is and don’t tell him to change himself.

6)      Spend time with each other:

You can spend time with each other and get to know each other better. You can also discuss your future prospects with each other. You can engage with your partner in assignments, projects or any other activities. You can also become his dance partner in special events and try to win accolades so that you can make yourself remind of those beautiful moments after you grow up together.

7)      Find common interests:

You can discus and find common interests, in this way you can engage yourself in activities and try to improve each other’s skills in various extra-curricular activities. You can also help each other in studies by clearing each other’s doubts. Spend time in a positive way by studying in a cohesive manner. In this way both of you can do well in studies.


1)      Be happy and jovial when you are around him. You can also be a better girlfriend if your remove his frown when he is glum or make him smile when he is angry on someone. Small things really matter a lot.

2)      Talk to him every day. You can also flirt with him a little bit. Make sure that it isn’t a forced one and that your partner actually enjoys your company.

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