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Steps to be Less Emotional in a Relationship

November 17, 2012

Finding a solution to dial down your emotional chip during or before a relationship is easier said than done. If you are one who is more of a emotional type of person then it becomes difficult on your part to be in a relationship or even in the case of unrequited love. Being more emotional in a relationship not only affects your present but also redefines your future. If you are overly attached with someone and that special one leaves you, it would result in you getting emotionally shattered leaving behind scars both in the emotional as well as physical level. It is very important to be less emotional in relationships these days. There are certain steps that you should take to be less emotional in a relationship.

1)      Thoroughly examine your relationship’s state:

Before being attached with someone on an emotional level, you should have a clear cut picture of his/her background and character. You should have known that person for a long time. If you are someone who believes in love at first sight then you need to keep your emotional instinct low. If the reality doesn’t match your expectations it will leave your traumatized. So it would be great if you could just keep your calm and take everything slowly.

If you are migrating from dating to a relationship after taking into mind the other’s nature and character, you may raise your emotional quotient a little higher and become serious. Always remember that you should be prepared for the worst.

2)      Identify the factors responsible for you being so emotional:

You need to identify your hot buttons and keep them under your control. Being emotional can be due to a various factors. It can be due to jealousy, anxiety of being separated or clinginess. If these are the factors responsible for you getting into such emotional state all you got to keep in mind is that you need not get so serious in a relationship and you shouldn’t doubt so much on your partner. There should be enough trust in between both of you.

In the case of unrequited love, you got to take help from your family and close friends and just move on. Engage yourself in some work, hang out with some girls or take a holiday. You shouldn’t try to recall any special moments with that guy/girl and avoid all kinds of negative thoughts coming o your mind.

3)      Become communicative instead of being emotional:

You need to take a communicative method to explain how you are feeling. This step will certainly help you in lowering your emotions. You may identify what emotion you are feeling, jot I down in your diary and make sure that you overcome this feeling and that it doesn’t occur again. You need to look at the lighter side of your life and you shouldn’t take everything so seriously and heavily.

You also shouldn’t get upset with yourself for being so emotional. You need to embrace this quality and build it positively.

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