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Steps to Avoid Marriage and Relationships

November 17, 2012

There may come an instance in your life when you get old enough for marriage and you seem placid and uninterested to divulge yourself in any kind of relationships keeping in mind your career or short-term and long-term goals. The task of finding your better half and tying the sacred knot may seem to worry your friends and family more than yourself at some point in life. However, no one can understand that marriages and relationships bring with them added responsibilities and may even suffocate your life0style. These are some simple things that you should keep in mind to avoid these type of situations and to remain happily single:

1)      Keep it in mind that no one except you is going to push you into marriage:

The final decision of marriage depends solely on the person who is getting married. Remind yourself the same and try not to get influenced by your parents or your friends. Keep in mind your future objectives and goals and how they will be hampered if you marry or stay in a relationship with someone.

2)      Don’t bring the “Everybody else is doing” factor to haunt you:

Your near and dear ones may try to convince you to marry and may even put forth the example of your friends who are settled, but don’t let it affect you. You should feel proud of your strength of purpose and by all means should complete all your desired objectives before thinking of marrying someone.

3)      Make it clear to all those waiting for you:

You should make it clear to other guys/girls waiting to marry you that you are certainly not interested to give a thought to marriage at this point of time. Don’t keep them waiting. Let them know that this is the way you are and it will take quite a time to get married. Tell them that for you your career and objective have a higher priority than marriage and once you marry those priorities may fade out.

4)      Withdraw if necessary:

If a girl/guy seems to push you and tries to convince you to get married all the time, make sure that you withdraw from them. Stop talking to them. Arguing will only worsen the condition, and after a few days things will be great.

5)      Do not get committed:

This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind. No matter whatever happens you should not get committed. Once you do, there may come a point when your partner may push you hard enough to marry him/her as a result of immense pressure from their well-wishers. This may hamper your emotional and mental stability. A break-up at that point may seem to make seem even worse.

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