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How to Show the Girl You Care

November 17, 2012

Okay, so you’re in the process of impressing the girl, and she’s really nice. You’re in the phase where you think that you cannot survive without her, you really need her. In short, you’re obsessed with her. You’re not sure of what she feels for you, and maybe she’s even not sure what to feel for you. She perhaps likes you a lot but she is a bit wary. She’s looking at signs and symptoms to gauge how much you truly love her or whether it’s an infatuation that’ll just go away. She really does not want to get hurt in a relationship; in fact, none of us do.

In such situations, it is advisable to really be careful with your behaviour. You may love her a lot, but a few instances of rash behaviour and a few things you say to her can change things indefinitely. You might never get that chance again to prove your love, and she’ll be gone forever. So here is a situation where you have to watch your step a bit. And if you truly love her and care for her, it’ll come naturally. But not all people are like that. Some people are really simple, and some, in order to impress her do strange things that they end up regretting. Hence, it’s important to really exercise some control over yourself and then you can give her the perfect hints that you love her. In her boyfriend, she looks at a number of things of people around her. If you can do that, then you’ve got a wonderful chance. Some of the things are mentioned below –

  1. Care like a father – You must be a little concerned about her. And you must show it. When she’s out with her friends and it’s late, ask her where she is. Tell her it’s advisable to go home a bit earlier. If she’s going out, just ask who she’s going with. These are little signs that show you care. When you’ve just met and she’s gone home, then try to drop her home. If she’s gone her on her own, then just give her a call to confirm that she’s reached.
  2. Love like a mother – Love unconditionally. In spite of whatever she does, just love her. There might be disagreements, there might be mistakes that she commits. In spite of all that, when you’re back talking again, just love her unconditionally. Never let her feel that your love is conditional on her doing a particular thing. Show her that you cannot live without her and that you miss her all the time.
  3. Be there, always, like a friend – Be with her, understand her. Whenever she needs someone to talk to, be there. She’ll feel much better after she’s talked it out. After that, advise her if can, on what do to. Whenever she’s lonely, be there with her. Cancel appointments and prior work just to be with her, and you need not talk all the time. Just sit together, and when the silences between you both start becoming comfortable, you’ll know things are getting much more comfortable and better.

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