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Nice Gift Options

November 16, 2012

In a relationship, a gift becomes mandatory at one point or the other – at least that’s the unwritten rule. You will need to gift your girlfriend or boyfriend at some point in the relationship. Be it your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, a gift that says ‘sorry’ or just a plain gift for no reason at all. Be assured, in a relationship, gifts keep flowing both ways all the time. It’s just a way of saying that you’re in love with them, and you’re trying to convey your love to them. The choice of gifts depends on what your partner’s choice is, and what they like. It also depends on what your budget is. But, more than what the gift is, it is the gesture that matters. It shows the other that you’re always on their mind, and you were considerate enough to buy them something, out of sheer affection and love. There are a number of gift options that we’ll discuss, most of them being uncommon. We’ve tried to avoid the usual flowers, chocolates, etc.

For Girls –

  1. Handbags – A handbag can be a really cool option to gift. Not many males actually think about it, but it’s a really good option. Most girls use handbags, and you could look for a nice one that they’ll use. When they start carrying that to work or college everyday, you’ll be assured that whenever they use it or somebody asks about it, it’ll remind them of you.
  2. Shoes – Shoes are usually not used as gifts, and we never knew why. Shoes make superb gifts, and girls just love shoes. You’d be confused looking for shoes for a girl, so it’s better to ask them indirectly what type of shoes they like, or take her friend along with you. They’ll choose a superb gift, and your girlfriend will be amazed at your sensibility.
  3. Tickets – A vacation. That would be an ultimate gift. But this is also for the ones who can afford it. She’ll surely love the gesture, and you can be assured that you’ll spend some priceless moments together.

For Boys –

  1. Clothes – Guys usually don’t look too much into what they’re wearing – at least not as much as girls do. Hence, they usually have a lesser variety. You could gift him a new shirt or jeans and see them wear that all the time. If you’ve got a bit more cash, you could spend it on a jacket, and they’ll absolutely love it.
  2. Shoes – Men love shoes as well, and it’s a great idea to gift them some casual shoes or a pair of stylish shoes. They’ll marvel at your choice of gift, but make sure you choose the right size.
  3. Books – Well, we’re not stereotyping, but if your boyfriend doesn’t read about too much, it’ll be the best idea to gift him a book. When you gift him a book, he’ll read it, and it’ll introduce him to the wonderful world of books and he’ll be thanking you for his entire lifetime.

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