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Steps to stop being Afraid of Romantic Relationship

November 15, 2012

Finding a perfect someone is important to almost all of us. Humans are social beings and deserve their share of social indulgence. While some are quite well in maintain romantic relationships with the other, others find it extremely awkward and are touted by their inhibitions. Being afraid of relationships is not something to be afraid of. As a matter of fact, there are many of us who are afraid of staying in a relationship or approaching a person of the opposite sex to be in a relationship with. The following steps may help you in overcoming these inhibitions and will help you take the first as well as firm step in relationships.

1)      Identify the cause of the fear:

The first step to remove the fear is to analyze it. You need to think about the reasons why you are afraid of staying in a relationship. Are you afraid of people of the opposite sex? Did a friend influence you? Is it a result of any past experience or example? Don’t you feel confident about yourself? These are some questions that you may ask yourself to analyze your reason of this fear.

2)      Nothing wrong with you:

Being afraid of a relationship doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, either in terms of physical or intellectual inability. Inviting someone to your own world will result in you getting scared for a while. It is natural and there is nothing to be afraid of.

3)      Be confident:

The most important tip to avoid being afraid of staying in a relationship is to be confident of yourself all the time. You should accept the fact that there is nothing wrong with you and you should approach the people of the opposite sex with much vigor and courage.

4)      Try to be patient:

Look out for a partner not just for the sake of having one. You don’t have to look out for a relationship as a result of peer pressure. You should be comfortable with the time and then approach the girl of your dreams. You should remain patient all the while. Even if after a number of attempts you fail to create an impression in the hearts and minds of the opposite sex, you shouldn’t lose your heart out. You should remain patient and should try to strike a chord with the girl or boy you are interested in.


1)      You need to remain positive all the while. Do not take any form of stress. Try your best to get over the fear.

2)      Remember it is your life and you will be responsible for your actions only. You need to look confident enough and try not to behave as if you are desperate to be in a relationship with someone.

3)      If you approach someone, give them their space and time. Try to be witty and intelligent in front of them.

4)      Don’t be afraid if a relationship gives you pain. They say there is no gain without pain, so all you have to do is believe in yourself and put your best foot forward.

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