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Few tips to choose your wife

November 14, 2012

A marriage is a social contract wherein the husband and wife spend the rest of their lives together. The life that they spend together goes on in interdependency. They share many things, live together, and become the closest persons to each other. In most cases, they give birth to children and raise them so that they can carry on their generation. Hence, since this life is so much based on interdependency and mutual understanding, it is important to choose your wife well. When you don’t choose your wife properly, it leads to separation, and affects your life badly. You go through tough times, and things start falling apart around you. This affects your work and other things in a very bad way, and that leads to further problems. A good marriage provides that stability that your life requires, and helps you progress, both emotionally and mentally. You cannot spend your entire life alone, and hence that partner will take care of you, and you will take care of them. It is an essential bond, and affects all other spheres of your life, and hence you must choose your wife carefully. Here are a few tips to choose your wife –

  1. Never in a hurry – Never choose your wife in a hurry. Don’t just randomly decide to marry a person you’ve been dating for two months. That is too short a period to decide properly. You wouldn’t want to marry in a hurry and later see your life come crashing down in front of your eyes. You must take your time, and think over matters properly. Also, another aspect to this is that you must marry when you are ready to. Don’t hurry that decision as well. Only when you’re financially and emotionally ready should you go for marriage. You wouldn’t want issues with yourself to spoil your marriage.
  2. Compatibility issues – The person you will marry has to be very compatible with you. In a number of societies also, the girl has to come and live with the boy in his parental home. Hence you must take care that the girl is not only compatible with you, but also bodes well with your parents and relatives. You would not want to hurt your family because of your wife, and in any case, a woman who does not respect your parents does not really deserve to marry you.
  3.  Check how she treats people around you – She might be very nice to you because she loves you, but it’ll be wise to check how she treats other people as well. You’ll probably be planning to raise kids as well, and she will have to confront a number of other people in this relationship as well. You would want her to raise the children properly and be nice to everybody, so you must take care about this.
  4. Sort out matters – Before marriage, in any case, try to talk out certain matters. These matters involve money, housing, etc. Talk them over and arrive at plausible solutions, because you wouldn’t want to start fighting and arguing immediately after marriage.

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