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A few habits everyone likes

November 14, 2012

Almost everyone in this world wants to be somebody who is liked. It is only when you are liked that you can woo the girl that you’re crazy for. A person who hates you would not obviously date you or be in a relationship with you. You can be very good looking, which will attract people, but in spite of that if you have a bad attitude and bad character, then people will start hating you.
Most of us are driven by some human vices such as jealousy, etc. but we need to convert them into positives. They are entirely human emotions, but they affect our image badly, and project us as bad persons. We, in such situations, need to work properly towards removing such habits from our lives and be nice persons. Everybody loves a person who has a good character, and you can build a good rapport, a good image and win the trust of many people with such character traits.

You can cultivate some really good habits that will hold you in good stead, and make people have a really good impression of you.

  1. Be courteous – Always be nice and friendly to people. That makes people feel comfortable in your presence. Also, it makes people think that they are special for you. A little bit of special treatment can go a long way in improving your bonds with people.  Don’t be reckless or rude with people, be nice and courteous. You can always go ahead and open the door for a lady, and always accommodate the lady before sitting down yourself. It will give them an impression that you have been groomed properly by your parents, and your image in their eyes will rise.
  2. Be honest – Always, always, always be honest. You might be tempted many a time to be dishonest because of some immediate gain, but never give into that temptation. The short term gain might be imminent but the long term gain of always being honest is that people perceive you as a very good person whose word can be trusted at all times. Honest people are the ones who are most respected, and you can become very popular.
  3. Be frank  and courageous – Remember to be frank with people. When you don’t like something, then say it. It will help you in the sense that more people will actually flock for your opinion. Also, being frank brings with it some clashes that might obviously occur. But when you are frank, you will have to be courageous to defend your words. When you are courageous and you defend what you say, you will learn immense respect in the society.
  4. Humility – Humility is one trait to have. You might have won the world over, but after you’ve done all that, when you’re humble and down to earth, people develop a strange respect for you. People believe that you are the person to idolize, and start following you. You immediately become a people’s favourite, because you don’t have an arrogance about you that people love to hate.

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