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Ways to get your boyfriend to read

November 13, 2012

Bibliophiles will definitely understand how frustrating it feels when you want that special person in your life to read your favorite book, but they just can’t do it. It’s one of the cherished desires of a girl to read her favorite book being cuddled in her boyfriend’s arms. If you think that your boyfriend should read more books, go through these steps and turn him into a booklover.

  1. Start with nonfiction: Women can easily relate to nonexistent characters for a fiction, Men on the other hand fail to do so. Encourage your man to read non fictions. Men love reading history, biographies, real life thrillers and some well researched works. You can suggest him to start with a biography of a political figure or a sports person or books on Roman history. This is the step where you acquaint your boyfriend with reading.
  2. Find books on his interests and hobbies: Advocate your boyfriend to read about his hobbies. If he loves photography, gift him a good book on photography, he won’t be able to ignore your gift. An engrossing story, Do it yourselves, and memoirs can pique his interest. Men are also into comedy, especially when it’s directed towards men.
  3. Harry Potter helps: This masterpiece has captivated hearts all over the world and there is hardly anybody who would not like it. It is one of those books which inspires a person to cultivate a reading habit. So use Harry’s magic to reform your man into an eclectic reader.
  4. Graphic Novels can capture attention: Graphic novels have captures boys imagination since ages. If your guy enjoys a movie based on a graphic novel, suggest him to read the novel because books are generally far better than their movie adaptations.
  5. Encourage him to read short stories: It has been proved by studies that men generally read slower than women. Starting with long and boring books can discourage a person to complete the book, and also starting a new book. Men are more attracted to genres like thriller, science fiction, and war. Advice him to read short escape stories, real life survival stories and so on.
  6. Magazines and Newspaper: Save interesting cut outs from magazines and newspapers to share with him. Summarize recent incidents to him, and if you are lucky he will definitely read that article in detail.
  7. Bribe him: If everything else fails bribe him. Make a deal with your guy that if he can read for half an hour, you will video game with him. Guys love challenges. Challenge him that he can’t finish a book, and he will pounce on it.
  8. Have realistic aspirations: Every person can’t be a bookworm. Realize that he may not love reading as much as you do. Do not pressurize him, let him finish the book at his comfortable pace. At least he is ready to start reading for your sake. That speaks a lot about your relationship.

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