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Ways to date on a budget

November 13, 2012

It is a great headache when dates become a worry rather than an enjoyment. If you do not want dating to burn a hole in your pocket become creative. Being creative and having an open minded partner will make sure that your dates are jollified on a budget. It will also keep gold diggers at a bay.

  1. Take a walk: Whether you take a walk in a park or market does not matter. What matters is that you create lovely memories while you are walking. Hold hands, start any random conversation and see whether you two can hold the conversation. Glance and smile at each other.  You can also buy ice-creams on the way. It is guaranteed that you will surely smile whenever you remember these moments.
  2. Take photography tours: You really need not have a digital camera. Just wander around and go on taking pictures. This is best for fun-loving couples. You can also take pictures of each other in different poses. This way you can have a unique experience with your date.
  3. Hit the books: You can go to the local book store and scan the books there. You can discuss your favorite romantic books. Or better go to the library and choose a book for each other. You can choose a collection of poems which you want to dedicate to your date. You can go through architecture books and point out the houses you like.
  4. Make dinner at home: A meal or even just an item made from scratch can really impress your date. And it is also pocket friendly. Do not forget to create a cozy ambience for the dinner. For that you just need some candles and a few flowers.
  5. Take a dance class together:  Many studios and instructors offer free or low-cost beginner lessons meant for couples. You can choose any dance form you are comfortable in.  Consider salsa, jazz or tango for that extra little intimacy.
  6. Go to the gym together: There are many cheap gyms where you can register for a month or you can also easily find a gym where they charge on per visit basis. Go on weekends and spend time exercising. Challenge each other, splash around in the pool, do yoga together. This will not only let you spend quality time with your partner but also will help you to be in great shape.
  7. Check out for discount movie theatres: If you are in a mood to watch a movie, go to the discount movie theatre rather than some costly multiplex. These theatres are likely to be less crowded so this will give you some personal space.
  8. Plan a picnic: Picnics are very refreshing if you plan them properly. Buy some snacks from your local mart. A chocolate cake does not cost much. Or you can also take some from your fridge. Go to the local park or if you have cheap transportation facility go to the nearby countryside. Find a shady tree, place a mat under it and then you can start munching on your snacks and talk about anything under the sun.


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