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Relationship or Friendship

November 11, 2012

It is believed that a relationship does not have a substitute, and neither does friendship. But when we are in a relationship, we tend to ignore our friends, but they still stay with us. They understand that we have other commitments and we still remain friends. But when we ignore our partners for our friends for a longer period, there stems the problem. Problems emerge in our relationship and things don’t look right.

Some people say that it is difficult to survive without a relationship. It is further said that a friendship can never make up for being in a relationship. Well, we’re wondering whether a relationship is really important in your life? Or can you spend an equally happy and satisfying life, if not better, with your friends only? We’ll make a small comparison and see what is better.

  1. Loneliness – Well, here is where a relationship steals the march a bit. This is because in a relationship, you are always in touch with your partner. You’re never lonely, and you people keep talking on the phone or through texts. You introduce them to your private sphere and they’re always a part of your life and what you’re doing. That happens lesser when you’re with your friends. You don’t text them all the time, and hence you might be in for a few lonely moments.
  2. Money – With friends, there’s a less likelihood of footing the entire bill at the restaurant. But while you’re out with her, you might have to insist that you pay the entire bill, even though you’re running short on money. These are certain things that you have to do in relationships, and you’re in two minds. With friends, it’s much easier. Plus, you’ll spend a lot of money on your girlfriend on expenses such as phone bills, gifts, chocolates, etc. With friends, these expenses don’t really come into the picture, and you can always spend as much money you want on yourself.
  3. Probability of getting hurt – In a relationship, such a probability is much more. Friends can obviously hurt you, but if your friend forgot to inform you about something or went out with another friend, you wouldn’t really be hurt. The expectations from your partner are big, and hence you are liable to get hurt much more easily.
  4. Duties – You need not talk late into the night with your friend when you don’t feel like. You need not go and meet your friend if you’re not just feeling like it. But in a relationship, that’s something you have to do. When your partner is expecting something, you have to do it unless you want to hurt your partner.  Hence, the number of duties you have increase, and you cannot experience the carefree, independent life that you wish to. It goes without saying that you cannot flirt with other girls, and go around too much with them. Hence, you are in some way, bound by the relationship. It curbs your freedom, and you have to abide by it.

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