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Indirect Ways to Impress a Girl

November 11, 2012

We all come across phases where we develop crushes over different women during  different durations of our life. It is only natural, and we being normal human beings, sometimes fall short on being able to impress them. Sometimes they are just out of our reach. In other cases, both are very different from each other and they have different tastes and friend circles. In such cases, it becomes a bit difficult to talk to a girl, forget impressing a girl. But at the same time we do not really want to forget our crush. We really want a chance to talk to the girl and be with her, and who knows, that might blossom into a very wonderful relationship.

In such cases, we need to devise techniques in order to impress girls. First, it is important to gather her attention, and then one you get to be in touch with her, you can take a better approach of trying to impress her.

  1. Achieve – Perhaps the best way to get noticed is to achieve things. When you become successful, you really come into the limelight and become the centre of attraction. People take a lot of interest in your life and you become famous and popular overnight. Whether it be winning a very important competition, or getting good grades in class, you must achieve good things. Nothing drives people to you as much as success does, and this will firmly establish your popularity. And in many cases, irrespective of what kind of a person you may be, if you succeed, people tend to forgive all the negatives and think of you as a really nice person. The impression formed by people of you is that of a good person, and hence you can easily be both popular and have a good impression upon people. So, put in that extra effort into your academics and other competitions and try to win.
  2. Be good at sports/music – Nothing drives girls as much crazy as a great sportsman or a musician. There is a huge amount of masculinity associated with sports, and it involves a lot of glamour. When you’re a good sportsman, the adrenaline rush, the aggression, all show people how cool you are and makes girls fall for you instantly. Musicians, on the other hand, have a special talent by which they can really strum their musical instruments and melt a girl’s heart. These two are easy ways to become popular, and develop a superb image.
  3. Talk to her friends – If you cannot approach her directly, talk to her friends. Do funny stuff, crack jokes, hang out with them. Since humans have a way of talking away about whatever happens to them, they’ll soon mention you to her.
  4. Make people know that you like her – If you let a few people know that you like her, the rumour would spread a bit. Then it would eventually reach her, and make her notice you. But don’t go about spreading the rumour yourself. That would make you look desperate. Act as if you’re also a victim of the rumour to make a good bond with her.

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