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What to do When She Likes Somebody Else

November 10, 2012

This is a fairly common situation, and in all probability this might have happened with you as well. At some point in your lives, you might have developed an irresistible crush on a person who is already in a relationship with somebody else. Since love has no barriers, that person might have been much elder or younger, but that person might have had you wondering: How awesome would it have been had I been in his boyfriend’s shoes? You might have even had some amount of jealousy against that guy, and considered how much better you are and how much better you would have been with her. But there’s nothing you can do, can you? Well think again. You might. But before that let’s discuss about yourself. The question that first stems is the paradox between achieving her, and wanting her to be happy. It is told, when you love her you really want her to be happy. But there is also a huge urge to be with that person, to be the person that they love, to be their centre of attention. It’s just human. In some cases, these two things may not coincide.

Your urge might be to steal that person from her boyfriend, if that is possible. But will that make her happy. Consider yourself in this situation. When you break up with a person you love, will you be happy? When she separates from the person, will she be the same person? Will she be able to love you as much as she loved him? Perhaps not. Hence, if you love that person you’ll want her to be happy. Irrespective of what people believe, love happens multiple times. It might not be that special as the first time, but it still is love. Hence, you must never try to butt into another relationship just for your own happiness, because at the end of the story, even you will not get happiness.

Here you have two options. If you believe that being friends with that person will cause further emotional turmoil in you, and you cannot handle it, then you might consider breaking all ties with that person. That might cause her a bit of pain, but it is essential. In the alternative, if you consider yourself matured enough, then you can become friends with that person and stay as such. You can fall in love all you want, enjoy their company all you want, but never spoil their own relationship. This option has the added advantage of bringing her close to you. So, if you’re really in love with her, and for some reason or the other, she breaks up with her boyfriend, then you are in with a real chance, thanks to the amazing bond that you’ve developed with her.

Sometimes you might just leave it to fate, if you believe in it, and trust upon it to set everything right. Sometimes, some things happen magically, and you might just be with the person you love. But sometimes you guys aren’t meant to be together, and you must bring yourself to forget her and move on.

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