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Five reasons Not to Date

November 10, 2012

Dating is quite an experience. You get to know the other person better, and vice versa. You meet each other often, and it, in most cases in a beginning of a relationship. Dates can be of various types. It could be that you both have been friends for long, and you’re just exploring a new avenue of your relationship. On the other hand, you could have met very recently, and there is some inexplicable attraction between the both of you that has made you date. Whatever it is, it is a learning and productive experience. Well, not always. It actually depends on what your outlook is. It depends on what you want from your life. If there is a void in your life that you want to fill, it could be filled up by other people also, in the form of friends. If you have a lot of spare time, you could really devote that to something more productive. There have been many people who have told you on a number of reasons that you must date, but we’re coming up with something new. We’re going to tell you very rational reasons why you must NOT date, and how you can use up the resources you save!

  1. Time – When you date, you spend a huge amount of time meeting up with that person, or calling or texting that person, and you spend an infinite amount of time thinking of that person. Considering that the person might not be a part of the future, do you think all the time and resources are worth it? You might spend all that time reading up books, attaining knowledge, and the knowledge you attain will stay with you all your life. It’ll help your career and help you develop as a person.
  2. Money – You’ll need to spend a lot of money on her, on dates, gifts and phone bills. Worth it? Perhaps not. You could spend a small amount of that money and buy things to indulge yourself in. You could guy some awesome computer games that’ll eat up your time.
  3. Emotional Turmoil – You could avoid loneliness by being in a relationship. But the same loneliness can also be avoided by being with friends. You can make peace with yourself and avoid those depressing times. That’ll only make you stronger as a person. Plus, in relationships there is a pain of separation which does not exist in the present case. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that you can easily live without being in a relationship.
  4. Priorities – You could easily devote time to your other priorities, such as your career, personality development or otherwise.
  5. Friends and Relations – When you date, you kind of forget the world around you. Your other relationships are strained. These are the relationships which actually matter more. Hence, you must pay much more attention to them. Not dating someone certainly helps you focus on these relationships more, and do justice to them. So, next time you’re wondering whether to date, think again!

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