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Steps to Lead a Happy Life without Romantic Relationships

November 9, 2012

Being in a relationship is said to be one of the happiest feelings in the whole world. Being in a relationship not only highlights your importance and values in the other’s life but also teaches you life’s lessons and how to handle responsibilities and be mature enough to understand relationships. Some get in a relationship at a very early stage while some really feel very awkward and fear to stay in a relationship.

Not staying in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. If we look at the bright side, a person not involved in any form of relationship becomes carefree and allows him to concentrate more on his work and career. Some find it very easy to stay single while some feel very disappointed in themselves and lonely at the same time if they fail to find their significant other. The following steps need to be followed if one wants to lead a happy, cheerful and jovial life without staying in any kind of romantic relationship/

1)      Stay focused on yourself:

This is one of the most vital steps to stay happy. If you are not in a relationship, you should remove your idleness and should engage yourself in your hobby or any kind of productive work.  You should determine your short-term as well as long-term objectives and should try to pursue them anyhow. You should spend as much time with your family as possible, introspect yourself at times and should try to improve your personality.

2)      Maintain a good friend circle:

Not being in a relationship will expose you to a dark side. To avoid this, all you need to do is to have a good and a large circle of friends who can accompany you and remove your boredom as well as loneliness. They should be comfortable to talk with. You should be friendly with people and should make new friends in places you frequent. Your friends should be able to understand you and keep you happy at all times.

3)      Find a work you love or love your own work:

They say work lets you remove all kinds of gloominess. Focus on your goals and objectives in life. Make sure you focus on your job rather than the promotion. Promotions come once in a blue moon and you’ll become really frustrated if you work for promotions only. You can also spend quality time with destitute children and people of a lesser God. Spend your time by engaging yourself in charity events and NGOs.

4)      Give importance to your need for physical gratification:

You’ll find many adult stories and explicit content to soothe your needs. You can satisfy yourself faster and more thoroughly without a partner.


1)      If you do find someone of the opposite sex interesting, take a step forward and try to change your intentions. Remember, there can always be exceptions. Never forget to follow your heart.

2)      Take good care of yourself.

3)      Avoid drugs or excessive drinking to ward off your fears and inhibitions.

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